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Project Calmira XP

Calmira XP is an shell replacement for Windows 3.1 which tries to recreate the Windows XP look and feel. It's based on Calmira II Online! and it is written in Delphi 1.0 Some of its features: Logonscreen (multiple users), taskbar, themeable windows, and even (experimental) long filenames. System requiremens are about the same of the regular Calmira (80386 with 4 MB of RAM), but because of the better colors you need a graphics adapter which can do at least 32000 colors (15 bits).

Some Screenshots (click for fullscreen):

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


Calmira XP 4.0b
Installer  -  Zip  -  Source
Calmira XP 3.34
Calmira XP 3.33
Installer  -  Source
Calmira XP 3.32
Calmira XP 3.31
Calmira XP 3.3


Calmira XP 4.0
  • Added support for long filenames (')
  • Updated Desktop Properties dialog (')
  • My Documents-icon on the desktop (')
  • XP Taskbar and startmenu
  • The XP-buttons have now full button functionality
(') Code from Calmira LFN

Calmira XP 3.33
  • XP logonscreen readded
  • cleaned up the source code
Calmira XP 3.32
  • XP logonscreen removed
  • XP buttons
  • XP Tab
  • Skinning feature added
  • A bug that causes to crash windows when multiple users are used fixed
Calmira XP 3.31
  • XP Dialog boxes added
  • Simple XP logondialog
Calmira XP 3.3
  • This is the first version of Calmira. In fact it's the same of Calmira Online! 3.3 but it has the icons, bitmaps and colors of Windows XP implemented.

Long filenames on Calmira XP 4.0 (beta):

Calmira XP uses the DOSLFN-driver to display long filenames. You need to start the driver before Windows loads. Doslfn 0.40c is included in the installer; but if you want you can also use the older 0.34-version.

The driver can be found in the directory "doslfn" in the Calmira XP installation directory. Run doslfn.com in DOS. If you don't want to load this driver manualy every time you start you're computer you can load the driver via autoexec.bat

To activate the long file names in Calmira:
Start -> Settings -> File System -> 4DOS/LFN -> checkbox "Enable long file name support".

If you forget to load the doslfn-driver and LFN support is enabled you will not see any files in the Calmira Explorer.

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